What is a Giant Traveling Map?

National Geographic Giant Traveling Maps are oversized vinyl floor maps. They are the largest maps ever produced by National Geographic and require a school gym or large room for use. Each map is accompanied by a set of activities and materials. The map is in one piece, and requires no assembly.

What is a State Giant Traveling Map?

National Geographic Society has gifted all 50 states and the District of Columbia with a free classroom size map of their state using the expertise of National Geographic’s Cartographic Division and research on elementary spatial thinking. This project is an expression of the commitment that the National Geographic Society has to educators who are teaching students about the world and empowering them to make a difference. The State Giant Traveling Maps are the focal point of the National Geographic Alliance Network National Initiative for 2017, and maps are housed at the state Alliance.

Recently, in addition to the opportunity to borrow our Idaho State Giant Map, schools can purchase additional Giant Maps. Click on the image below to learn more about  National Geographic Giant  Map purchasing.

Idaho Giant Traveling Map In Our Classrooms

Caldwell High School – Teacher Justin Frost has developed a Visualizing Solar Power lesson and has used the map and the lesson to have a discussion of the relationship between student understanding of alternative energies in the Treasure Valley and the reality of generating alternative energies through the Boise WaterShed.  He also shared this video associated with the project Boise River Watershed by Justin Frost 

Pictures shared from Kathryn Bonzo’s 4th grade class at Moscow Charter School.

Sharee Barton’s 4th grade class at Madison Middle School.  Sharee is one of the two Idaho teachers who participated in the  2017 Geo-Inquiry Summer Institute!

Never too young to love Geography!    Naples Elementary School Kindergarten class learn about mapping with  the Giant Traveling Map